Cubs Rained Out

No game tonight, conditions are awful.  This one will be made up at 1:20 PM as part of a day-night double header on July 30th.

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Who is Katie Cernek? Our Only Hope to Have a Cubs Fan in The Fan Cave!

Katie is a 21-year-old student from Gratiot, WI….don’t panic, she isn’t a Brewers fan, in fact she is a die-hard Cubs fan, so die-hard that she has just made the cut.  The cut for what?  I’ll tell you!  Katie is one of the 30 finalists for the MLB Fan Cave, quite the accomplishment considering this is a contest opened up to just about anyone that likes baseball and has access to a recording device to make a video entry.  Katie cracked the top 52 and had to be voted into the top 30, and thanks to social media and Cubs fans help, she made it.  So congrats to Katie, I will keep you posted on her journey, which just got a lot cooler, per the MLB Fan Cave website..

“The MLB Fan Cave 2013 contest has been narrowed down to 30 finalists. These talented contestants have been invited to Arizona for Spring Training next week to audition to be the 2013 MLB Fan Cave Dwellers. Follow @MLBFanCave and #FanCave30 on Twitter for real-time updates from Arizona.”

Here is Katie with Tony Campana at Wrigley, try not to give her crap about Tony Campana, I think she is still getting over his departure.

Katie C

Here is her video entry

You can follow Katie on Twitter, I do, you should too, she can talk baseball and specifically Cubs with the best of them, @Katiecernek.  Give her a follow to get a first hand look at her Fan Cave journey as it hits a new level at Spring Training in Arizona.  Go Cubs Go, and Go Katie Go!  Born on Third is wishing you the best of luck and congratulating you on making it this far!

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Carlos Marmol Accused of Domestic Violence…

Per a report, Carlos Marmol has been accused of domestic violence, no charges as of yet.  These stories are tricky as I’m sure multi-million dollar athletes are the target of blackmail and extortion all the time, so obviously we Marmolshould wait to hear some details before claiming Carlos Marmol is a woman beater.  Remember last year during the off-season when Starlin Castro was also accused of assault, details were sketchy at the time of that event as well and turned out to be nothing.  Domestic violence is not a joke, and should not be joked about so I really hope this is just a story of someone trying to get rich quick instead of Marmol being despicable.  The report is coming out of the Dominican Republic and names a 24-year-old defendant in the claim.  Here is the full story, in Spanish if you would like to read it over, I can’t, at least not all of it.  There has not been a statement from Marmol or the Cubs about this story but I’m sure that once it starts making the rounds, like it is currently doing, the team will be forced to address it.

With all of that said, players do share responsibility to put themselves in better situations, like Castro last year.  It’s an assumed risk of being a ballplayer, like I said, hopefully there is no weight to this claim and it will be non news once again, as soon as details emerge I’ll pass them along.

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Pearl Jam Headed to Wrigley! (UPDATE: Official!)

We feel obligated to post about this, why?  I’ll tell you.  Our two obsessions are Pearl Jam and the Cubs.  The name of our blog is from the following lyric from the Pearl Jam song “Bu$hLeaguer”….  “Born on Third, thinks he got a triple.”  So the news this afternoon that was floating around Twitter that Pearl Jam will be coming to Wrigley is blowing our minds.  As we inch closer to Spring Training, and camps opening, this is the cherry on top.  Not to mention I’m feeling better so the blogging is about to kick back into full gear so be prepared!!  Any way, there are no confirmed details yet, but the picture that the official Pearl Jam Twitter site posted 20 minutes ago says it all..  We will keep you posted.


Here is the caption:  “Looking good! #StayTuned

[UPDATE]  It is official, Pearl Jam will be playing Wrigley Field this summer!  July 19, 2013 to be exact and tickets go on sale to the general public on February 9, 2013 at 10 AM, I can’t wait for this!  This is directly from the Cubs facebook page…

“It’s official! An evening with Pearl Jam, July 19, 2013, presented by Live Nation and Wrigley Field. Tickets go on sale Feb. 9 at 10 a.m.”

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Marlins and Blue Jays Blockbuster

A huge trade appears to be in the works, but we all know how quick things can change.  Toronto is obviously going for it as they are rumored to have acquired Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buerlhe, Emilio Bonifacio, and John Buck from the Miami Marlins.  The Marlins will receive SS Yunel Escobar, pitchers Henderson Alvarez and Justin Nicolino, INF Adeiny Hechavarria, and OF Jake Marisnick.  The Marlins, who spent like crazy last winter have blown their team up and are beginning to stock pile young talent throughout their system.  Marisnick, Nicolino, and Hechavarria were all in the Blue Jays top 10 prospects at number two, five, and seven respectively.  Alvarez is a nice young arm that they can put in their rotation right now, and Escobar has always had talent, but has had some issues both on the field and off during his career.  The Marlins have virtually erased 2011 off-season moving Reyes and Buerhle in this deal.  As you recall they have already moved Heath Bell and have fired Ozzie Guillen.  If any more details come out we will let you know.

UPDATE:  The Marlins will also receive C Jeff Mathis and RHP Anthony DeSclafani.  Toronto will receive $4 million from the Marlins.

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No More Len and Bob; Brenly Not Returning to Cubs

It’s official, Bob Brenly will not return to the Cubs booth in 2013, I always welcomed Bob’s thoughts and humor.  Towards the end of this year you could tell, or at least I could tell that Bob was not exactly interested in watching a losing team every year.  I’m sure Bob has another gig lined up, many think he will take the same position with the D-Backs, but that has not been confirmed.  Once I hear where he’s going I will pass it along, best of luck to Bob.

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