Tennessee Smokies Announce Opening Day Roster, Pitcher Heavy

As you will see by the Iowa roster, there is a reason why there are so many solid arms at Tennessee, they are blocked from Iowa basically due to the pitching depth up there.  Trey McNutt might be a surprising name on this list as he was thought to be in the mix, a long shot, but in the mix for the big league pen, but ends up in Tennessee.  I still think he comes out of the pen, but him going to Tennessee might give him the chance to start, but I doubt it.  My buddy Brett over at Bleacher Nation also mentioned the conspicuous absence of Ronald Torreyes ..

“So many reactions to the Tennessee roster. First, where’s Roni Torreyes? He may have been late to arrive to Spring Training, so this could be a simple extended Spring Training situation to get him ready for the season (I’ve not heard anything about an injury). He was expected to be the regular second baseman at Tennessee this year, and there isn’t an obvious starting second baseman on the roster right now, so I still expect him to end up there eventually.”

Another guy to keep an eye on is Matt Szczur, big, big year for him.  I think he either breaks out, or ends up off the Cubs, I really don’t see any middle ground there given the glut of talent the Cubs seem to be building in the outfield throughout the system.  Here is the whole roster for your enjoyment.

Smokies Roster


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