Report: Cubs Close to Reaching Long Term Extension With Castro

GOOD!  I’m sure this news will be met with the typical “he’s not good enough” “he makes errors” “he doesn’t care” that’s fine, as everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I’m just really glad that the people running the Cubs understand rare talent when they see it and are about to reward it with big time money.  Per David Kaplan

“Two industry sources who have represented several MLB players over the past decade confirmed to me tonight that the Cubs are working on a long-term deal for star shortstop Starlin Castro.

The deal, which could be six or more years in length, is expected to be finalized before the end of the 2012 season and would not only buy out the remaining arbitration years that Castro has, but at least two years of free agency which he will reach after the 2016 season.”

That is huge for the Cubs, the ability to extend Castro and buy out free agency years is top-notch.  Can’t wait to watch Castro improve and grow into a superstar in this league, with the Cubs.

Here are some solid comparables from Brett at Bleacher Nation, this gives you an idea of what Castro might get based on the current market.

“Comparable players (as close as we have anyway) have recently signed these kinds of deals, including Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus ($14.4 million over three arbitration years), Cameron Maybin (five years and $25 million, including a pre-arb year, three arbitration years, and one free agent year, plus an $8 million option year thereafter), Andrew McCutchen (six years, $51.7 million, including a pre-arb year, three arbitration years, two free agent years, plus a $14.75 million option year thereafter), and Justin Upton (six years, $50 million, including a pre-arb year, three arbitration years, and two free agent years).”

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Cubs Sign Supplemental Pick Pierce Johnson

Busy, busy day for the Cubs brass today, first the Soler signing and now the announcement (by Johnson himself) of the signing of supplemental pick Pierce Johnson.  This is the highest picks signed by the Cubs and the first of we hope a few announcements to come shortly.  A number of Cubs prospects have been signed already, but the Cubs themselves have not announced anything official, I expect a major announcement letting everyone know all the signings so far, it will be in the double-digits.

Back to Pierce Johnson…  Here’s his tweet tonight.

Awesome stuff, always exciting to hear a kid pumped to play for the organization.  Here are a couple quotes from Johnson via Brett at Bleacher Nation, click for Brett’s full post.

“I wanted to get out and play,” said Johnson, according to KSPR. “There wasn’t much negotiation to be done. We just needed to dot some I’s and cross some t’s.

“Once I get down [to Arizona] they’ll give me a training routine,” said Johnson. “Right now, we’re just both really excited and looking forward to the future.”

Johnson, the 43rd overall pick buy the Chicago Cubs could be headed to Boise to start his professional career, I will keep you posted on all the signings once they are announced by the team, felt it was necessary to get this one out there considering Johnson was one of the higher picks.  Congrats Pierce!

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