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Wanted to send out a quick post as a thank you to everyone for visiting and commenting on the blog, we were lucky enough to be the 8th most visited blog in August, and we couldn’t have done it with out you, so THANKS!  When seeing the number 8 on the back of a Cubs jersey you can only think of one person, Mike Quade.  No, that’s not right, I’m talking about the Hawk, Andre Dawson! 

Please continue to stop by and interact with us as we chronicle the ever-changing landscape of Cubs baseball, top to bottom.  I know it’s hard to get excited about this team right now as we wind down a season that might result in 100 losses, but there is plenty to read about.  We will be unveiling our player cards very soon, hoping to have one for each player in the system, or most of them at least.  These cards will feature all the information that you need to know, including stats, where they were drafted, and more, stay tuned!

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Nine Innings With Justin Germano

It’s back!  It took a little while to make its return, but Nine Innings is ready for round two.  In this feature we will interview (9 questions of course) a current Cubs player or Cubs prospect for your reading enjoyment.  This is a big accomplishment for us as we hope it brings you, the reader, even closer to the team and players you love.

In the second  installment of 9 innings, we sit down with Cubs starting pitcher Justin Germano, I hope you enjoy it.

BornOn3rd: In your short time in Chicago, how have the fans been with you?  Has anything surprised you?

Justin: So far the fans have been top-notch.  This is a team with a lot of history and tons of loyal fans everywhere we go.  It makes it really fun.

BornOn3rd: You’ve pitched some out of the bullpen and some in the rotation, how is the preparation different?

Justin: Preparation is different because as a starter you know when you’re going to pitch; you have four days to work on what you need to.  Out of the pen you never know when you’re going to go, so sometimes you have to get extra work in before the game knowing you may still pitch that night.

BornOn3rd: Favorite City to visit when you are on the road, why?  You can throw Chicago in this discussion because you haven’t been here too long.

Justin: Well, Chicago would definitely be up there if I didn’t play here.  So top of my list would be San Diego, because I live there and get to stay at my house and sleep in my own bed!

BornOn3rd: You’ve bounced around the Minor Leagues and Major Leagues your whole career, what is the toughest thing about that?

Justin: The toughest thing is making new impressions.  The older you get and starting over with teams the leash for failure gets shorter and shorter.

BornOn3rd: Who is the best hitter you have ever faced, at any level. 

Justin: The toughest hitter for me would probably be Matt Holliday.  He is a very good all around hitter; he hits for average and power, and hits all pitches well.

BornOn3rd: What is it like to be only 30 years old and be a “veteran” on this team? 

Justin: It’s pretty crazy.  We have a very young team but tons of talent.  We have the chance to be very competitive in the coming years.

BornOn3rd: I’ve touched on bouncing around, but you have pitched all over the World.  Tell us about that experience, how different is it compared to baseball in the States?

Justin: Going overseas was a cool experience.  It gave me a chance to see other cultures.  On the baseball side of it, it taught me how to attack different kinds of hitters.  That has helped me even back in the States.

BornOn3rd: What is your best baseball memory?

Justin: My best memory hands down would be my perfect game I threw last year in AAA.  That’s something all pitchers dream about.  I don’t care what level you’re at, to go 27 up and 27 down is a great accomplishment, and one that I will always remember.

BornOn3rd: Have you always seen yourself as a pitcher?  Feel free to discuss your little league home run record now.

Justin: Pitching has always been my passion.  I could always hit, from little league all the way through High School.  I still feel like I can be a good hitting pitcher too, just have to get enough batting practice in.

BornOn3rd: Is there anything that you want Cubs fans to know about you that they can’t already find on the internet?

Justin: Hmm, probably the toughest question.  I’d say maybe just my hobbies, I enjoy all outdoor activities.  I mountain bike in the offseason, and I plan on taking up stand up paddle boarding this year.  I have two awesome 90 pound boxers that I love and treat as my kids.  Even though I already have a son and another on the way, my big boys are a huge part of my life and couldn’t imagine not having them.

An absolute huge thank you to Justin Germano (Follow him on Twitter) for sitting down with me and answering some questions from Milwaukee where the Cubs will try to avoid a sweep today.  Justin really is a great guy that gets it, he is always interacting with fans via twitter and has definitely paid his dues to be where he is at.  Best of luck to Justin the rest of the year!

Thanks for reading,
– George

Fan Views – Dissecting LaHair’s Struggles

Here at Born on Third we like to hear what you the fan thinks, because after all we are all fans, and we want to know what’s going on in your head regarding the Cubs.  Have a comment, want to vent about the Cubs?  Then send us an email at and we will feature it on the blog.  This entry comes from Bob Cris, he has thoughts on Bryan LaHair, give him a follow on twitter for more Cubs chatter, and please do not hesitate to send us your thoughts!


When I say the name Bryan LaHair, most people think “undeserving All-Star, AAAA, and horrible after good first month”. Okay. As bad as he was in July, guess what? Second on the team in Homeruns, 3rd in RBI’s, would be top 5 in BA if he qualified. He’s also second in OBP, second in slugging, and FIRST in OPS. All that, with an atrocious month under his belt. But lets go back to April. There was a point where he wasn’t even the everyday 1st basemen. But he earned it. He put together a hot streak far more impressive than that of Anthony Rizzo’s first month in the majors. But you don’t remember that, do you? Well, through May 15, LaHair had an insane .352/10/21 line, compared to Rizzo’s current .301/9/23 line. Then of course, came a mini slump. Dale’s reaction to the slump? Automatically reduce his best hitter at the time into a platoon role, for a guy in Jeff Baker who was struggling as well. Pretty dramatic reaction for a small slump, huh? Well, here’s some advanced statistics for you. The Cubs coming into the season had two notable power hitters: LaHair and Soriano. One would protect the other, and as the numbers show the other would take a hit. When LaHair hit 4th in front of Soriano, he saw a decent amount of fastballs, resulting in his hot start. Then naturally, he went into a slump, as ALL hitters do. Ironically, around the same time, Soriano started to heat up. Before you knew it, they essentially swapped positions in the batting order. When Soriano hit 5th, only Josh Hamilton saw more breaking balls then he, in the entire majors. When he hit 4th, in front of LaHair, the amount of FB Soriano saw increased notably, along with his production. In turn, the amount of breaking balls LaHair saw batting 5th increased dramatically, especially with the .190 hitting Soto or rookie Steve Clevenger in the on deck circle. Essentially, about 47% of the pitches LaHair has seen this year are FB’s, a number skewed thanks to his first full month in the ML, April. By FB percentage comparison, Rizzo is at 51 %, DeJesus at 59%, Barney at 61%, and Castro at 53%. LaHair struggles are on him. No denying that. But the numbers say Dale didn’t exactly help him by completely taking him out of his rhythm. Given a chance to hit in front of a good hitter, and a chance to start everyday, to expect a .285/.350/.480 Line from LaHair with 25 bombs is not out of the question. In fact, it’s a reasonable projection (BA slightly optimistic), and with him under team control through 2017, lets not give up on him, Dale.


Thanks again to Bob for sharing his thoughts.  Like the in-depth research into LaHair’s struggles and why he might not be a lost cause.  Once again, if you have thoughts send them to us to be featured on the blog!

Thanks for reading,
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Born on Third Featured!

That’s right, your favorite Cubs bloggers are currently being featured on the blogs home page.  Check out the screen grab below to see our name in lights, okay not really, but it is pretty cool.

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MLBlogs Latest Leaders: #10! How Fitting


Wanted to send out a quick post as a thank you to everyone for visiting and commenting on the blog, we were lucky enough to be the 10th most visited blog in July, and we couldn’t have done it with out you, so THANKS!  Rather fitting that we came in at #10 considering Ron Santo entered the Hall of Fame this month.

Please continue to stop by and interact with us as we chronicle the ever-changing landscape of Cubs baseball, top to bottom.  Especially now that the trade deadline has passed and the Cubs minor league system will be front and center at the Major League level.

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Thanks again for everything!
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