April 24, 2013 – Cubs @ Reds; Lineups – Game Delayed (UPDATE)

Solid match up today as Jeff Samardzija takes on Mat Latos in the rubber game of the series.  It’s raining in Cincinnati at the moment and the game will not start as scheduled (11:35 AM), instead everyone involved will meet to see if they should postpone the game or just wait it out around 11:15 AM.  Here are the lineups for today should we get underway.  (UPDATE)  Game scheduled to start at 1 PM CST now, could change, but that’s the plan.

April 24 lineups

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Cubs Delayed [UPDATE #3] 10:40 PM Start Time

The tarp is on the field, and the Cubs game will not start on time.  We’ll keep you posted if and when a new start time is announced..

[UPDATE]  Looked like the game was going to start around 8:00 PM CST, but another wave of rain came through, still expecting baseball tonight.

[UPDATE #2] It’s now 10:00 PM CST, and we are still in a delay, and nothing has been called yet, still waiting.  Almost three hours and counting, at least 30 minutes of field prep after tarp is off, game might not start till 10:30 PM CST at the earliest.

[UPDATE #3] First pitch, 10:40 PM CST, not kidding.

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Cubs Game Delayed

The Cubs are currently in a rain delay, based on my “expertise” there will be baseball today.  Stay tuned we will be updating the start time as soon as we hear yet.

UPDATE – its still raining. Severe weather in the area till 3:15, hopefully it clears up shortly after.

UPDATE #2 – First pitch scheduled for 4PM CST. Woooo!


Cubs Game Delayed

The Cubs plans for a sweep of the Cardinals might have to wait a little longer.  The game will not start at 1:20 PM Central as it is currently raining.  They expect the rain to move out of the area by about 1:20 PM CST, and the first pitch should follow shortly thereafter, we will have baseball today.