Buster Olney: “As of Now, Cubs Plan to Keep Dempster”

In a day that just won’t slow down, Buster Olney is now reporting that the Cubs are planning to keep Dempster and make a qualifying offer at the end of the year so they will get a draft pick, unless offers improve.  Olney also reports that the Cubs and Dodgers are not close to a deal, and as we all know that is the only place Dempster will go based on what has happened in the last couple days.  This trade deadline has basically turned into a disaster for the Cubs as they went from having two really solid pieces to deal in Dempster and Garza to one injured starter (Garza) and one starter that wants what’s best for him despite his recent comments and that has cost the Cubs a tremendous return in Randall Delgado (Dempster).

Things change fast so stay tuned, still plenty of time left until the July 31st deadline, anything can happen, except of course Ryan Dempster for Randall Delgado.

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– George