The “Cubs Way” Must Mean Lose by One, It Happened Again

I’ve never seen a team find a way to lose so many games like the Cubs have.  The opponent doesn’t matter either as they play every team tough, as illustrated by how many one-run ball games they are in.  The one problem is they never win those games, not even every once in a while, its uncanny.  If it’s a one run game the Cubs will lose it, just like they have for the last 12 of them.  Tonight the Cubs put up plenty of runs to win the game, but “kerosene” also known as Randy Wells couldn’t make it through an inning of work with a lead so the Cubs had to fight back.  Once again they did, taking a lead in the 8th inning, just like yesterday.  This time it was Alfonso Soriano hitting one of the farthest home runs ever at Target Field, had to be up in Aisle 64 with the frames.  But this is the Cubs we are talking about, and the Cubs have trouble doing many things, one is closing games out.  Carlos Marmol was so bad at closing games that he has now been relegated to the 7th inning blower of leads.

Tonight it was up to Shawn Camp, who in all honesty has been a tremendous bright spot out of the Cubs pen this year, but he didn’t have it tonight.  He quickly gave up a single, and a triple to a guy that can’t spell his name (This is only a joke, I really hope Morneau is healthy for good, concussions are no fun) to tie the game at seven.  Somehow Camp was able to get out of that jam without losing the game in the ninth, only a tease though.  After the Cubs went quietly in the top of the 10th the Twins jumped all over Camp in the bottom half and this time Josh Willingham ended it with a single through the five man infield.  Camp was bound to have a bad one, he’s only pitched infiniti-billion times this year.  12 straight one-run losses in a row, congrats Cubs, maybe they will fly a flag at Wrigley for this.  Full box score and highlights after the jump.

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