Yes the “Cubs” Are Playing Today

It’s raining where I am, and has been for quite some time, but it’s apparently dry at Wrigley as they are underway for the final time this season.  Travis Wood gets the ball for the Cubs as they try to end 2012 on a high note, not sure really how high a note it will be, but a win would be nice.  The only regular in the Cubs lineup today is Starlin Castro, that makes it 162 for 162 this year, impressive.

Looks at this “lineup” – I predict 10 runs for the Cubs today, because that’s how it always works.

1. Campana – LF
2. Cardenas – 2B
3. Castro – SS
4. LaHair – 1B
5. Sappelt – RF
6. Vitters – 3B
7. Jackson – CF
8. Recker – C
9. Wood – P


Go Cubs!
– George

August 26, 2012 – Cubs Lineup / Weather Permitting

The only reason I think the Cubs and Rockies will play today is that the Rockies do not come back to Wrigley this year.  That said, things don’t look too promising as rain is moving into the area and it is heavy and slow-moving.  We will keep you posted on any delay’s, if they do start here is how the Cubs will line up as they look to take the series from the Rockies.

DeJesus – RF
Valbuena – 3B
Rizzo – 1B
Soriano – LF
Castro – SS
Clevenger – C
Jackson – CF
Barney – 2B
Volstad – P

Thanks for reading, go Cubs!
– George

Cubs Game Delayed [UPDATE]

Officially in a delay, no estimated start time.  Raining hard now, looks lighter later, but pretty wet all night.  Hopefully they squeeze it in.

[UPDATE] First pitch scheduled for 8:00PM, roughly.

[UPDATE] Tarp back on the field after pitchers warmed up. Not good.

– George

5:00 PM Start Time For Cubs/D-Backs, For Real

Not a joke, the first pitch is now scheduled for 5:00 PM Central time.  The radar doesn’t look very good and the field has had a ton of water so we will see.  If they do indeed get under way at 5:00 that will be a three-hour and forty minute rain delay, wow.

Go Cubs
– George