From the you can’t make this up department: Shawn Camp to the DL with a ….. toe injury; Dolis recalled (UPDATE)

Oh, baseball is a funny game, down right hilarious, and infuriating at the same time.  I spoke in length about how the decision to keep Shawn Camp and DFA Michael Bowden was a terrible one, well now things look even worse.  Shawn Camp has been placed on the DL by the Cubs today with a toe injury, and I hope that he kicked something and got hurt.  Do I wish any ill will towards him?  Of course not, but this better not have been a nagging injury that now warrants a trip to the DL.  That makes the decision to hang on to Camp an inexcusable one.  The Cubs could have released him if he was banged up, or simply could have put him on the DL and kept Bowden.  Like I said, I hope this injury Camp injuryhappened yesterday and not something that has been there for a while as that will look terrible for the Cubs.  With the move to the DL the Cubs needed an arm and recalled Rafael Dolis, what else is new, this seems like a weekly occurrence.  I only ask one thing, use him.  Don’t call him up to sit on the bench, put him in games, the pen can’t get any worse and Dolis is actually starting to kick it into high gear at Iowa, maybe that will translate to the big league level now.

In other bullpen related news, the bullpen and Dale Sveum just held a closed-door meeting in Pittsburgh… I assume the reason for this is now that Camp is hurt Sveum needs to find a new best friend out there.  In all honesty, consider this a wake up call to the pen, which should have happened a while ago, if you don’t perform, you are out….unless your first name is Shawn and last name is Camp.  Really just horrible timing and execution from the Cubs and Sveum with this bullpen crapshow.

UPDATE – What a wonderful update, Patrick Mooney is reporting that this is an injury that Camp has been dealing with for about a month now, there are no words or excuses now from the Cubs in regards to keeping Camp, ridiculous.  Not to mention, there are reports that no one on the Cubs knew about the injury until today, Camp didn’t tell anyone, I have no words for this situation any longer.

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