Chicago Cubs Sign Jorge Soler

Terms per Jon Heyman of CBS Sports…. 9 years, $30 million

Excellent, more news as it rolls in.

Keith Law’s thoughts on Soler:

The deal will likely cover Soler’s minor league time and most, if not all, of his major league time before he reaches free agency — perhaps five of the six years required — assuming he develops as expected. An average of $5 million to $6 million per year for five to six years of a player who should be an above-average regular or better would be very reasonable for the Cubs, reflecting the significant risk involved in a player whose hit tool is still a bit of an unknown. He’ll be able to opt out of his deal to undergo the regular arbitration process, however, so the Cubs’ upside on the deal itself is somewhat limited. Among prospects currently in the Cubs’ system, he’d rank behind only Anthony Rizzo, who has less upside but far greater probability.

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BREAKING NEWS? Cubs Ready to add Soler

We touched on the very high interest the Chicago Cubs had in 19 year old outfielder Jorge Soler earlier today, and now there is even more to add.  According to the Chicago Tribune this evening, the Cubs are ready to put pen to paper and add Soler to the club.  Again, I’m not entirely sure that a deal can be done yet because of the same issues Cespedes had with coming over from Cuba.  But, judging by the information the Tribune has, Soler is as good as a Cub once he is officially able to sign with a major league team.  We will obviously have more news on this as we inch closer to spring training so check back often for the latest developments.

From the Trib article…

Soler, according to one report, will be making $27.5 million with the Cubs for three or four years. He may have been courted by Cubs ownership and front-office officials while they were visiting their new Dominican academy earlier this month.

If this is actually the case, what a tremendous deal for the Cubs, they get “Cespedes light” for the same amount of years and less money.  Not to mention Soler’s best baseball is ahead of him, and he could develop into a flat out superstar.  Again, nothing 100% official yet, but sounds like it’s only a matter of time.

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