Spring Fever – March 18, 2015 (Cubs Lineup, Broadcast Info)

Arrieta FIRE

Jake Arrieta is back at it today as the Cubs take on the Dodgers at 3:05 PM CST on MLB.tv (with paid subscription), the game can also be heard on Cubs.com.  The plan is for Arrieta to go four innings or so, obviously it depends on pitch count, and how well he is throwing the ball.  The Cubs lineup this afternoon is intriguing because Matt Szczur is hitting 5th, the kid has a real shot at making this team, I hope he does.  No Kris Bryant today as he is still resting his shoulder, not sure if he will make it in later today as there is no DH.

1. Coghlan – LF
2. Alcantara – 3B
3. Rizzo – 1B
4. Soler – RF
5. Szczur – CF
6. La Stella – 2B
7. Ross – C
8. Russell – SS
9. Arrieta – SP (Hitting today)

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Spring Fever – March 17, 2015 (Cubs Lineup, Broadcast Info)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re into that kind of thing.  Jason Hammel gets the ball for the Cubs as the host the defending AL champ the Kansas City Royals, still sounds weird saying that.  First pitch today is at 3:05 PM CST, there is no TV that I’m aware of, but the game can be heard through mlb.com.  It’s been a rough spring for Hammel, I don’t think it’s more than just working on his stuff, but it would be nice to see him find a groove today.  Three big surprises from camp so far are in the lineup today, Mike Olt, Junior Lake, and Matt Szczur, all are fighting for spots on the opening day roster.

1. Fowler – CF
2. Denorfia – DH
3. Rizzo – 1B
4. Castro – SS
5. Montero – C
6. Lake – RF
7. Baez – 2B
8. Olt – 3B
9. Szczur – LF

SP – Jason Hammel

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Spring Fever – March 16, 2015 (Cubs Lineup, Broadcast Info)


After a sluggish start this Spring the Cubs have turned things around going 5-2 in their last seven, and winning four straight.  Jon Lester will take the mound hoping to extend that streak this afternoon against Brandon Morrow and the Padres.  Lester has been really good so far this spring, look for 4-5 innings today based on how quickly he can mow down Padre hitters.  First pitch this afternoon is at 3:05 pM CST, the game is on MLB.tv with a subscription, and also on MLB Network.  Here is how the Cubs will lineup today, Kris Bryant is back in the lineup, so is Soler, excitement.

1. Alcantara – 3B
2. Coghlan – LF
3. Castro – SS
4. Soler – RF
5. Bryant – DH
6. Sweeney – CF
7. Castillo – C
8. Olt – 1B
9. Valaika – 2B

SP – Jon Lester

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Spring Fever – March 15, 2015 (Cubs Lineup, Broadcast Info)


The Cubs make their 2015 WGN debut today as they battle Johnny Cueto and the Reds at 3:05 PM CST from Sloan Park.  Travis Wood gets the ball for the Cubs as he looks to continue a strong-ish spring with eyes on the 5th spot in the rotation.  Command has been much better for Wood as he has yet to walk a batter this spring, he has given up seven hits in five innings, but no free passes helps.  The Cubs lineup is missing Bryant so that will make everyone sad, but there are some exciting players to watch today, like Addison Russell who is having the best spring of anyone not named Kris Bryant.

1. Fowler – CF
2. Denorfia – LF
3. Rizzo – 1B
4. Montero – DH
5. Baez – 2B
6. Baxter – RF
7. Ross – C
8. La Stella – 3B
9. Russell – SS

SP – Travis Wood

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Spring Fever – March 13, 2015 (SS Action, Vegas Roster, Broadcast Info)

Arrieta FIRE

Busy few days coming up for the Cubs as half the roster will be headed to Vegas for a couple of games this weekend against the A’s.  The Cubs will take on the Indians in Arizona today at 3:05 PM CST with Tsuyoshi Wada getting the ball, there is no TV for that game, but can be heard through MLB.tv with a subscription.  The night cap will feature Jake Arrieta, first pitch is at 7:05 PM CST and will be on Comcast SportsNet Chicago, finally.  The lineup for the Indians game has already been posted, no lineup for tonight yet, but the rosters are below.

vs. Indians – 3:05 PM CST

1. Denorfia – DH
2. Szczur – CF
3. Alcantara – 2B
4. Castro – SS
5. Olt – 3B
6. Coghlan – RF
7. Ross – C
8. Sweeney – LF
9. Baxter – 1B

SP – Wada

Here’s the roster for Vegas this weekend, should be exciting.

vs. Athletics – 7:05 PM CST – (CSN Chicago)

1. Fowler – CF
2. Rizzo – 1B
3. Soler – RF
4. Montero – C
5. Baez – 2B
6. Bryant – DH
7. Lake – LF
8. La Stella – 3B
9. Russell – SS

SP – Jake Arrieta


** 3/13/2015 **
Arrieta (3 innings)
Jokisch (3 innings)
Parker (1 inning)
Roach (2 innings)

** 3/14/2015 **
Hendricks (3 innings)
Edwards (2 innings)
Ortiz (1 inning)
Britton (1 inning)
Rivero (1 inning)
Batista (1 inning)

** Minor league pitchers **

** Position Players **
Teagarden – C
Montero  – C
Schwarber – C
Brockmeyer – C
Rizzo – 1B
Baez – 2B
La Stella – IF
Russell – SS
Herrera – IF
Bryant – 3B
Villanueva – 3B
Valaika – UTIL
Lake – LF
Soler – RF
Almora – CF
Fowler – CF

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Spring Fever – March 12, 2015 (Cubs Lineup, Broadcast Info)


The Cubs will hit the road today as they take on the Angels at 3:10 PM CST.  Jason Hammel will get the ball for the Cubs looking to rebound from his first start which wasn’t so great.  Today’s game can be seen on MLB.tv with a paid subscription, or listened to through the same device with an MLB.com account.  There were whispers that MLB Network would pick up the game because of Will Ferrell’s appearance, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

1. Denorfia – DH
2. Baez – 2B
3. Soler – RF
4. Olt – 1B
5. Bryant – 3B
6. Lake – LF
7. Castillo – C
8. Russell – SS
9. Szczur – CF

SP – Jason Hammel

Impressions?  Joe Maddon is doing his best to get Mike Olt in the lineup every single day, that should tell you something.  The last time Baez, Soler, Bryant, and Russell were in the lineup there were a bunch of LOUD NOISES, hope that happens again today.

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Spring Fever – March 11, 2015 (Cubs Lineup, Broadcast Info)

Lester ST

The Cubs will win today…. or they won’t, it doesn’t really matter at this point, but it would be fun to see a “W.”  Jon Lester makes his second appearance of the spring today as the Cubs take on Zack Greinke and the Dodgers.  First pitch today is at 3:05 PM CST, and can be seen on MLB.tv if you have a subscription, and the game is also on MLB Network if you have that.  Here is how the Cubs will lineup today…

1. Fowler – CF
2. Rizzo – 1B
3. Castro – SS
4. Montero – C
5. Coghlan – LF
6. Olt – 3B
7. Sweeney – RF
8. Alcantara – 2B
9. Baxter – DH

Impressions?  Well, Rizzo is back in the second spot, I still don’t think he will end up there, but he’s been there more often than not this spring.  Arismendy Alcantara is clearly the “Ben Zobrist” of the Cubs in Maddon’s eyes, and that’s a pretty great thing.  Let’s see if Mike Olt can continue his hot spring as he battles for a roster spot, I hope he does.

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