Cubs Acquire Felix Doubront From Red Sox

In a bit of a surprising move, the Cubs have acquired LHP Felix Doubront from the Red Sox for a player to be named later.  From multiple reports, Doubrontincluding one out of Boston from CSN, the Red Sox were not expected to get much for Doubront.  Another report has the teams holding off on naming the player to be named later until after the Rule Five draft.

Doubront has recently voiced his displeasure with the Red Sox organization, so the writing was on the wall.  The Cubs jumping up to make a deal for him is the surprising part, as the Cubs are in full sell mode, and this is a player that has the potential to help now.  Doubront has struggled this year and was demoted to the Sox bullpen just recently, probably one of the reasons why Doubront was unhappy.

Before this year, Doubront won eleven games for the Red Sox in back to back seasons, while posting an ERA of 4.86 in 2012, and 4.32 in 2013 while helping the Sox win the World Series.  I think that the Cubs want Doubront back in the rotation, and he could be a solid contributor once Bosio gets his hands on him.

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Deadline Day, 2013 – Live Updates

Welcome to deadline day, the MLB non waiver deadline is 3:00 PM CST, so we have just about three and a half hours to go.  Rumors today are that Nate Schierholtz and or David DeJesus could be moved, we will be tracking everything here so keep check back!

11:40 AM – The Pirates were breathing down the White Sox necks to get Alex Rios, well he fouled a ball off his foot last night and is now day-to-day.  That has some people thinking that the Pirates are now going to go hard after Nate Schierholtz or David DeJesus.  The Pirates are also looking for bullpen help and James Russell and or Kevin Gregg would fit nicely there.

11:46 AM – Per Ken Rosenthal, the Rangers are listening to offers for everyone, including recently acquired Matt Garza, wait, what?

11:57 AM – Ken Rosenthal reports that David DeJesus has the best chance to get traded today, even better than Schierholtz.

12:03 PM – The Cubs have been linked to Ian Kennedy of the Diamondbacks, sounds like Arizona is looking for relief help and have their eye on Luke Gregerson of the Padres.  Cubs still a possible destination, but looking less likely.

12:10 PM – Sounds more and more like Yadier Molina will end up on the DL with a knee injury so the Cardinals are looking for catching help, Dioner Navarro would be a solid fit there.

12:13 PM – There is an awful lot of chatter surrounding Jeff Samardzija being dealt.  I don’t see this happening but where there is smoke there is fire, I know Jed and Theo are listening to offers for him, and it would have to be a whopper of a return.  That said, the Pirates are in play on this, and have the prospects to get something done, doubt they go as high as the Cubs want them to.

12:26 PM – Buster Olney is reporting that the Cubs could wait to deal Gregg, as in before the August waiver deadline.  Says that the Cubs might want to hang on to him and see if a team develops a need for a guy like Gregg later in the season.

12:58 PM – Multiple sources reporting that deal between the D-Backs and Padres is close, the Diamondbacks would be sending Ian Kennedy to the Padres for Joe Thatcher, Matt Stites, and another player.

1:11 PMTRADE:  San Diego Padres acquire Ian Kennedy, Arizona Diamondbacks acquire Joe Thatcher, Matt Stites, and a COMP B draft pick per Corey Brock.

1:24 PM – Gordon Wittenmeyer confirms that Navarro could be a target of the Cardinals.  Also confirmed that trading within the division is not a concern.

1:37 PM – Jayson Stark says that a Navarro to the Cardinals deal is possible but “not close” …  seems to be gaining some steam.

2:06 PM – Per Nick Cafardo it sounds like Nate Schierholtz will be staying with the Cubs, kind of surprising.

2:37 PM – TRADE:  Sounds like the Baltimore Orioles have acquired Bud Norris, the Astros are getting L.J. Hoes and another piece.

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Cubs turn the page; Soriano traded to Yankees

Well it’s official, the Alfonso Soriano era in Chicago is now over, and that comes with mixed feelings among Cubs fans.  Soriano carried the Cubs in 2007 and 2008, the first two seasons with the club as the Cubs made the playoffs both years only to fizzle out.  During these seasons Soriano was beloved, chants of Sor-i-ano could be heard all over the Country as Cubs fans flocked to opposing teams ballparks during the stretch run.  I was one of those fans, I still remember going to Cincinnati in September of 2007 to watch Soriano blast home run after home run as the Cubs closed in on a division title.  Post 2008 was a different story, the Cubs are 335-418 since winning the division with a 97-64 St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubsrecord in 2008.  This is where most of the mixed feelings come from, Soriano was signed to an eight year contract worth $136 million by then general manager Jim Hendry.  There was no way that Soriano could live up to that contract, especially given the fact that his legs basically gave out in 2009 which resulted in a .241 average and only twenty home runs.  Soriano had somewhat of a resurgence the last two years which won some fans back, but the majority of the fans that will miss him will miss him for his leadership.

As Dale Sveum said yesterday, Soriano is one of the top five professional players that he has been around in this game.  His work ethic, his leadership, his ability to play in a big market and never get too high or low based on his performance are things that will be missed.  But today is a big day for the Cubs, Corey blackthey have finally moved out of the Jim Hendry era and seem to be pointed in the right direction.  The only player remaining from the 2008 team is Jeff Samardzija, the longest tenured position player is now Starlin Castro, think about that, and I think that’s a good thing.  Today, MLB approved a deal that is sending Soriano back to the Yankees and Corey Black will be coming over to the Cubs.  Black is a twenty one year-old right handed pitcher with a big arm.  Black has routinely hit 100 mph, and sits consistently at 95 mph, that’s an arm that works in the bullpen at the major league level.  As you can imagine, a guy with that arm has a lot of walks, a lot of strikeouts, and doesn’t get hit too often.  In 131 innings as a pro Black has given up three home runs, three.  So best of luck to Soriano in New York, can’t say that I’m sad to see him leave, but I do appreciate how hard he worked on a bad team, bottom line is that he needed to go in order for the Cubs to completely move forward, and they are ready to do that.

What about the money?? Soriano has about $6.5 million remaining on this years $18 million salary, and is owed $18 million again next year. The Yankees will pay $6.8 million of the remaining balance, $1.8 M in 2013 and $5 M in 2014. So the Cubs are still going to eat the majority of the money.

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Garza NOT pitching tonight; Rangers deal close per report

Matt Garza was scheduled to pitch for the Cubs tonight, WAS.  Per Ken Rosenthal the Cubs have scratched the available right hander from tonight’s start because a trade with the Rangers is very close, stay tuned as we might have a deal to announce shortly.


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Cubs trade Scott Hairston to the Nationals

Late last night the news started coming out that Scott Hairston was traded to the Nationals, this morning that news was confirmed.  The Cubs have traded Scott Hairston to the Nationals for minor league righty Ivan Pineyro, there was also a mention of a PTBNL but I’m not sure if that has been confirmed, if true it would most likely be going from the Cubs to the Nats.  MLB: Chicago Cubs at Chicago White SoxHairston has struggled this year with the Cubs, but has provided some power off the bench as he has eight home runs in just 99 at bats.  The Nationals are also paying the majority of Hairston’s salary as he was signed with the Cubs through next year.  The player the Cubs got in return might end up being a steal.  Pineyro is a 21 year-old right-handed pitcher that has seen success so far this year at class A, and high A ball with the Nats.  The Cubs have reported that Pineyro will report to Daytona and assume a spot in the rotation there, for the year Pineyro is 6-3 with a 3.24 ERA with 72 strikeouts in 77 innings.

For the time being the Cubs have called up Brooks Raley to help out in the bullpen tonight against the White Sox.  There is some discussion in the organization that Junior Lake might make sense as a call up, currently the ultra talented outfielder is tearing up Iowa, hitting .315 with all sorts of slugging numbers.  Odds are the Cubs aren’t going to speed up his development, and Jon Heyman reports that the Cubs would like to use Lake as their righty platoon in RF next year.

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More news! Cubs trade Marmol to Dodgers

Fast and Furious 11…  sorry.  The Cubs have announced, well I think the Dodgers actually announced it, but anyway the Cubs have traded Carlos Marmol to the Dodgers along with international bonus money (4th slot) for relief pitcher Matt Guerrier.  Clearly the Cubs had to throw money into this deal or the Dodgers would have never taken it considering they were dealing with zero leverage here.  I assume that the money the Cubs just got from the Orioles in the Scott Feldman trade went to the Dodgers or at least made the money even for the Cubs so they wouldn’t feel so bad about losing it.  Guerrier is not going to improve this team down the road, but he helps the Cubs get rid of Marmol and his money which is never a bad thing.  Pretty impressive that Jed and Theo could move Marmol in this situation, maybe he figures it out, he wasn’t going to do so here.

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Countdown to the Deadline: Casey Coleman Scratched, Here We Go?

Things might be ready to go down in regards to a Dempster trade.  Casey Coleman was a last minute scratch for the Iowa Cubs tonight.  Why does this matter?  Well when Dempster gets traded the Cubs need a pitcher to step in and take his spot.  His next turn is tomorrow in St. Louis, the Cardinals are very interested in Dempster, how weird would it be for Dempster to indeed pitch tomorrow but against the Cubs as a Cardinal.  Sorry if I blew your mind.  Stay tuned.

Go Cubs!
– George