Dontrelle Willis Hurt After 7 Pitches Today

You have to feel for the guy.  Willis, who is trying to make his latest comeback to the Majors with the Cubs, Washington Nationals v Baltimore Oriolesmade his debut today.  He walked the first batter he faced, threw seven pitches and then called the trainer out to the mound.  Dodgers TV showed D-Train in the dugout during the pitching change and the concern seemed to be focused on his throwing shoulder, ugh.  I say ugh not because I think he would be an integral part of the Cubs 2013 team or future, but because I feel for the guy.  Tremendous success followed by humbling, and crippling injuries that have derailed his Major League career.  Hopefully it’s precautionary, I think that was his last pitch as a Cub, maybe as a ballplayer, hope not.  Once more information becomes available I’ll pass it along, I just can’t help but thing this is not going to end good, and that’s too bad.

Thanks for reading,
– George