Albert Almora Breaks Hamate Bone (UPDATE – Surgery a success)

One day after finding out that Junior Lake will be sidelined 4-6 weeks with a broken rib, Albert Almora took to twitter to reveal that he has broken his hamate bone, crap.  Obviously this is not good as the best place for top Cubs prospects in on the field, not off of it in a trainers room.

Almora Crap

We should be getting more info on this obviously as this is a rather big blow to a top three prospect in the Cubs organization.  This is a common injury for baseball players, and sometimes it does require surgery to remove the broken piece of bone.  Recovery time varies, but somewhere between 2-5 weeks sounds right.  The one thing that it does do however, is limit the players power upon return to the game, but again, every player and situation is different.  I’m not going to speculate any further, and will wait official word from the Cubs on this news, and hopefully short recovery period.

(UPDATE)  Cubs beat writers have the story now, so there are few more details.  Almora broke the bone on a swing, and can resume baseball activities in 3-4 weeks, putting his return to the field somewhere near late May.  Really wanted to see him right out of the gate this year as it’s it first full pro year.

(UPDATE #2) Almora tweeted out yesterday that he had successful surgery to remove the bone (you don’t need it anyway) and will look to get back into games somewhere between 4-8 weeks, odds are it will be closer and maybe longer to the 8 week projection.

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