A Collection Of Javier Baez Home Runs From Spring Training (VIDEO)

He’s exciting, he won’t be at Wrigley on opening day, this year, but it’s hard not to get excited about Javier Baez and what he is doing this Spring.  I’ve seen the kid play in person, and video doesn’t do this kid justice, he’s exciting, he’s confident, and above all else he is a ballplayer.  I really like seeing fan videos, something about a different angle, the crowds reaction, the sound of the ball off the bat, makes you feel like you are there, so enjoy.

Javier Baez Walk-Off Against Japan, Multiple Shots:

Javier Baez’s First HR vs Team Japan

Both of Javier Baez’s HR’s from yesterday’s game vs Royals

Here’s a link to the MLB.com video of both home runs

Thanks for reading, and watching,
– George