Maholm Starts, and Dolis Finishes Cubs Victory

Paul Maholm’s Cubs career got off to a frustrating start for Maholm and Cubs fans alike.  Luckily for all involved Maholm has taken that frustration out on his opponents in each of his last three appearances.  The Dodgers were today’s victim as Maholm carved up Los Angeles over 6 innings en route to a 5-4 victory.  Alfonso Soriano had a solid day at the plate going 3-for-3 with two doubles, crazy I know, and two RBI’s.  David DeJesus didn’t let Soriano have all the fun at the plate as he finished the day a home run short of the cycle as he went 3-for-4 with an RBI.  The Cubs of course held a one run lead as the game moved to the ninth inning, how anyone could expect anything different after yesterday’s debacle is beyond me as baseball always seems to work in mysterious ways.  However unlike yesterday, Rafael Dolis was able to shut the door on the Dodgers for his second save of the season, and a big Cubs win to start the home stand.  Full box score and highlights after the jump.

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The Worst Call you Will See All Year, Maybe Ever

People mistakes, and umpires are people, but when an umpire makes a mistake it usually on TV everyone to see it.  That was the case yesterday in Colorado when Tim Welke took center stage.  It was top of the 6th inning, and Jerry Harriston just hit a ground ball to third.  Chris Nelson of the Rockies made a great play but his throw pulled Helton off the bag.  Here is a screen grab via Deadspin.

He was called out. 

Process that for a second.  I know umpires usually get caught up in the moment and when there is a great play in the field they usually give the benefit of the doubt to the defensive team on a bang-bang play.  This was not one of those times.  Insert Bob Brenly rant about instant replay here.  Like I said, they make mistakes, and sometimes it’s so bad that it’s comical, but this could have been avoided.  Umpires are stubborn, they can never be wrong on a play, Welke could have easily got some help from the other umpires, but that wouldn’t be “right” but calling Harriston out was?

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