(Parental Advisory) Kris Bryant, Baseball Explosion! (VIDEO)

You could have been making a baloney sandwich in the other room and that noise would tell you everything you needed to know, BOOM!  Kris Bryant went 3-for-4 tonight with this dinger, a triple, and a walk.  That’s three homers in the last four games for Bryant, look out.

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KRIS BRYANT! Two More Bombs Today (VIDEO)

Kris Bryant was scratched from the lineup today with a sore shoulder, the plan was for him to take over for Anthony Rizzo after one AB, he did.  He then hit two BOMBS, the kid now has SIX dingers on the spring season, this is amazing.  The game isn’t on TV today, but if I get the videos I will post them.

Video of 2nd dinger

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Kris Bryant Destroys Home Run Number 41 (VIDEO)

What a season for Kris Bryant, we’ll have a post about that shortly, but for now, enjoy his 41st(!!) home run of the season.

That friends, is a bomb.  Bryant just wears out center and right field, it’s a thing of beauty.

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