Some Spring Notes; Soler Still Hits the Ball Hard (Video), and Garza Has Mild Lat Strain

The talk of this Spring so far has been how impressed everyone has been with Jorge Soler, the man is a beast.  Physically imposing, and talent that awes, here’s a look at one of his BP sessions in Arizona via Bleacher Nation..

Garza InjuryThe other news isn’t so, well, great.  Matt Garza has looked “awesome” according to Sveum during early throwing sessions, that is the good news as Garza is coming back from a forearm/elbow injury that cut his 2012 season short, and probably kept him on the Cubs as it happened right around the trade deadline.  Well now the bad news, maybe bad is too harsh of a term but it’s hard not to notice when the possible opening day starter comes up lame.  Garza had his bullpen session cut short, but it was not his elbow (hooray) it’s a mild lat strain (boo) per the Cubs.  Hopefully this is the Cubs being overly protective, and I think it is.  Pitchers mechanics are fine tuned, if they mildly strain one thing they risk blowing out their elbow completely by changing their mechanics to compensate.  So Garza will rest it, and then get back at it, as I said hopefully this is just a bump in the road to his recovery and not a complete road block.

An update from Paul Sullivan at the Tribune – Garza will undergo an MRI in the next day or two for the injury, while not considered serious, it’s the type of injury that usually results in a DL stint, which means Garza won’t throw for a couple of weeks at least.  Worst case scenario, Garza misses the start of the 2013 season, which is a very real possibility, “We’re not going to rush this guy, that’s for sure,” Hoyer said.  Hopefully Garza bounces back quickly, and the elbow remains healthy.

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Prognosis grim for Garza

Just 10 short days before the trade deadline it looked like Matt Garza was the most logical starting pitcher to be traded at the deadline, and the most valuable one too.  Reason being any team that acquired Garza would have him under team control for one full season after 2012 and a draft was still attached to his name.  Boy how things have changed in just a matter two plus weeks. 

On Monday it was announced that Garza suffered a stress reaction in the back of his right elbow.  A diagnosis that was much worse than originally feared when everyone thought it was just a cramp.  The injury is serious enough to end Garza’s season if it doesn’t improve and fast.  Because of the injury Garza now looks to be headed for the Cubs rotation next season as Jed Hoyer said yesterday that they are excited to have Garza as a member of the Cubs moving forward and they are not looking to deal him at all.  Well, yeah, because right now the only thing you might get back in a deal for Garza is Geovany Soto, and no one wants that.

It could end up being a blessing in disguise as the Cubs are now likely to resume talks with Garza about an extension, assuming he returns to health.  He could be a piece that Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer look to build their rotation around.  Personally I think the best option is still to deal him.  The Cubs could move him in the winter or at next years trade deadline, unfortunately the return will be much less than if they could have moved him this year, I think.

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Horrific Inning Does in Cubs

Just a terrible night all around as if it could go wrong it did as Matt Garza left the game with an injury, the Cardinals scored 12 runs in the seventh inning, and the Cubs only managed three hits off of Cy Young, I mean Jake Westbrook in a 12-0 embarrassment.  The Garza injury, or possible injury hurts quite a bit more than losing 12-0 as it could deter teams from offering a big return for Garza.  Any time there is any trepidation the price could go down but no one knows how bad it is right now.  Based on everything that is coming from the post game it sounds like it’s just cramping but nothing is for sure yet.  Garza was good, really good before being forced to leave the game after the third.  He went three innings giving up no runs on two hits while walking two and striking out three.  Recently acquired Justin Germano came on in relief and did an outstanding job going three plus innings giving up one run on four hits while walking none and striking out one.  Unfortunately Germano was hung with the loss as he was responsible for the first runner on in the seventh.  The Cardinals proceeded to score 12 runs in the inning on ten hits, seven of which were doubles, and one was a triple.  James Russell and Manny Corpas were responsible for most of the damage although only one ball was hit hard in the inning.  The Cubs were just as bad offensively in their second straight loss as they could only manage four singles.  Full box score and highlights after the jump.

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