Deadline Day: Early Morning Rumors [UPDATE 9:20 AM]

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As the craziness died down last night so did the chatter between the Cubs and the Dodgers.  One minute it seems like something will get done, the next, crickets.  Per Jon Heyman nothing was “close” between the Dodgers and Dempster late last night.  Ken Rosenthal reports that Dempster remains adamant that he will only accept a deal to the Dodgers.  Even I can put two and two together, if Dempster will only go to the Dodgers and the Cubs and Dodgers aren’t close then that means the Cubs haven’t blinked yet.  I wonder if they will because they have lost almost all the leverage in this deal.

Rosenthal also mentions that Soriano has been apart of the Dempster to the Dodgers talks for a little while now.  Soriano would have to approve any deal, just like Dempster.  Per Bob Nightengale on twitter, Soriano has provided the Cubs with a list of “acceptable” teams to be traded to, but there is no offer as of yet.


Last night there was a surge in Matt Garza chatter but it has cooled as morning has arrived, per Joel Sherman, Cubs’ execs are not overly optimistic a deal will get done.  The Cubs sent out Garza’s clean medical reports yesterday and that is what sparked the interest of a number of teams.  Ken Rosenthal says that the Rangers interest seems to be waning while the interest level of the Reds and Blue Jays is increasing.  I give it 50/50 odds that Garza gets traded today.

[UPDATE 9:20 AM]  Per Jayson Stark on the Mike and Mike show Matt Garza is “likely” to be traded today, news coming in fast.


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Matt Garza Update

Cubs fans collectively held their breath last week when Matt Garza left with an apparent injury.  Initially we got word that he would miss his next start and pitch on Monday, July 30, but today Cub fans got the news they didn’t want to hear.  An MRI showed that Garza still has fluid in his right tricep and  Dale Sveum told reporters today that he will not pitch Monday and will be pushed back to later in the week.  Later in the week means after the trade deadline on Tuesday, which is bad news for the Cubs as it becomes highly unlikely the Cubs will be able to move him before the deadline.  The Cubs are not placing Garza on the DL hoping to keep what little hope alive that a deal still might be struck.  One has to wonder when the Cubs will get some good news on the trade front.

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