Who is Katie Cernek? Our Only Hope to Have a Cubs Fan in The Fan Cave!

Katie is a 21-year-old student from Gratiot, WI….don’t panic, she isn’t a Brewers fan, in fact she is a die-hard Cubs fan, so die-hard that she has just made the cut.  The cut for what?  I’ll tell you!  Katie is one of the 30 finalists for the MLB Fan Cave, quite the accomplishment considering this is a contest opened up to just about anyone that likes baseball and has access to a recording device to make a video entry.  Katie cracked the top 52 and had to be voted into the top 30, and thanks to social media and Cubs fans help, she made it.  So congrats to Katie, I will keep you posted on her journey, which just got a lot cooler, per the MLB Fan Cave website..

“The MLB Fan Cave 2013 contest has been narrowed down to 30 finalists. These talented contestants have been invited to Arizona for Spring Training next week to audition to be the 2013 MLB Fan Cave Dwellers. Follow @MLBFanCave and #FanCave30 on Twitter for real-time updates from Arizona.”

Here is Katie with Tony Campana at Wrigley, try not to give her crap about Tony Campana, I think she is still getting over his departure.

Katie C

Here is her video entry

You can follow Katie on Twitter, I do, you should too, she can talk baseball and specifically Cubs with the best of them, @Katiecernek.  Give her a follow to get a first hand look at her Fan Cave journey as it hits a new level at Spring Training in Arizona.  Go Cubs Go, and Go Katie Go!  Born on Third is wishing you the best of luck and congratulating you on making it this far!

Thanks for reading,
– George