MLBlogs Latest Leaders: #14!

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Wanted to send out a quick post as a thank you to everyone for visiting and commenting on the blog, we were lucky enough to be the 14th most visited blog in June, and we couldn’t have done it with out you, so THANKS!

Lot’s of great things happening here, please continue to stop by and interact with us as we chronicle the ever-changing landscape of Cubs baseball, top to bottom.

Please check out the full list of the latest leaders here, lots of great blogs out there, go check them out.


Thanks again for reading, go Cubs!
– George

Cubs Blogs Standing Out

I would like to take this time to congratulate a friend of the blog, Russel.  Russel operates “Wrigley Regular” which is also on the MLBlog Network.  Russel does a great job posting about the Cubs and baseball in general.

Russel recently took a trip to the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati and visited the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame before taking in the Cubs game.  He has a tremendous recap of the place with tons of pictures and video.

Here is Russel’s blog – Wrigley Regular

Here is a direct link to the Reds Hall of Fame post – Reds Hall of Fame Recap

Russel also got some big time press for his post as he was featured on Panel #1 on MLBlogs front page.  In doing so, he also got Born on Third a small shout out as well (Highlighted below).  Great job Russel, keep up the good work.

Please head over to Russel’s blog, it’s definitely worth the trip.

– George