Jorge Soler is real, and spectacular: Our night with the Peoria Chiefs (PICS)

The news of Jorge Soler being promoted from the AZL Cubs to the Peoria Chiefs was exciting news for us, not only were the Cubs moving Soler quickly through the system by skipping Boise, they were moving him to a team that is much closer to us!  So we took the opportunity to make the two-hour drive to Beloit, WI to check out the new look Chiefs take on the Snappers on Saturday night.  As we always do when we go to games we take a lot of pictures, here are some of the better ones below.  We hope that you guys like these as we strive to give you the opportunity to actually see the players that we write about every day, enjoy!

We weren’t the only ones that were excited to see Jorge Soler, as 2,400 people showed up to Pohlman Field in Beloit for this one.  Of course it was fireworks night, and a Saturday so I guess that played into it as well.  Here are some fans waiting outside the Chiefs locker room.

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Soler emerged and quickly made his way through the crowd, escorted by a member of the Chiefs staff.  He wasn’t allowed to stop, even if he wanted to, and you can see in the pictures that he commands attention as he is bigger than everyone.

Anticipation was at a fevered pitch before Soler’s first at bat, here is a sequence of pictures leading up to it.

Okay, I promise there are more pictures from the game that are not featuring Soler, we will get to those.  The Snappers jumped out in front early against Zach Cates taking a 1-0 lead, that was before Jorge Soler came to the plate with the bases loaded and two-outs in the third inning.  He wasted no time blasting the first pitch he saw over the left-center field wall for a grand slam!  Here are some pictures leading up to the grand slam.

Just after the grand slam!

Not going to lie, that was totally worth the price of admission, and then some.  The blast gave the Chiefs a 4-1 lead and they never looked back, as they ended up winning this one 5-3.  Here are some of the better pictures from the rest of the night.

Pin-Chieh Chen walking to the dugout before the first pitch

Paul Hoilman making his way to the field

Dustin Geiger in the box

Twins super prospect Miguel Sano, very good

Jorge Soler is a big dude

My man Zeke DeVoss, got to talk to him a bit, really cool guy

Another one of Zeke

Dustin Geiger ripping a double

Geiger pulling into second

Beloit had seen enough of Soler, so they walked him

Luis Liria was outstanding in relief for the Chiefs, he got the win

Pin-Chieh Chen taking a rip

Another shot of Miguel Sano

Chiefs win!

It really was a great night all around, we got to talk to some of the Chiefs players we cover, we not only got to see Soler play in a game but we got to see him hit his first professional grand slam, and the Chiefs won.  We really hope you enjoy all the pictures and the first hand account of the game.  Please feel free to use these pictures for your own personal use, if you do I ask that you please link back to our blog and give us credit for the pictures, thanks so much.  If you want to see the full set of pictures head over to our facebook page, and while you are there give us a like!

– George

A Day With The Peoria Chiefs (Lots of Pics)

Born on Third traveled to Kane County today to take in the Peoria Chiefs game against the Cougars, here’s a recap, mostly pictures, from the day.

We actually bought the tickets before Javier Baez was assigned to Peoria, so it was a bonus that he was playing for the Chiefs and we couldn’t wait to see the 2011 first round draft pick of the Cubs.  Unfortunately, the Peoria Chiefs politely warned us of something on the way to the game..

Yes, that was the Peoria Chiefs twitter account letting us know that Javy Baez was not in the lineup today, oh well I guess, at least we still get to see the Chiefs and Kyler Burke pitch.  We got to the park around 11:30 because we were expecting the gates to open at 12 which is what the website said but they had the gates open already.

NOTE:  Click the picture for the full size, it’s worth it! (Please feel free to use my pictures, but please ask, I would like some credit, thanks!)

  5th/3rd Bank Field is easy to look at from the outside

Massive picture recap after the jump!

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