Iowa Cubs Update (as of 5/21/12)

The I-Cubs were looking pretty good last week, then the weekend came and it saw Iowa drop three straight to end the week 2-4.  Despite losing three in a row to close out the week, the I-Cubs are 5-5 in their last 10.  The team continues to be a revolving door as the big club has had numerous injuries.  This is good and bad, good being that the Cubs can rely on Iowa to develop big league ready players, bad because it ravages Iowa’s talent pool which makes the results less than desirable.  Anthony Rizzo is still here, and PCL pitchers are still having nightmares.

– George

Iowa Cubs Stats and Standings (as of 5/7/12)

The I-Cubs are struggling, going 3-7 in their last 10 games, and I really can’t say I blame them.  Because of illness and injury the Cubs have had to poach players from Iowa, and that will have an effect for sure.  Travis Wood, Randy Wells, Welington Castillo, Tony Campana, and now Adrian Cardenas have all been called up at one point or another.  Here’s hoping for a better week.

Full stats:

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