Santo Sunday!

It should be a National Holiday, well at least in Chicago.  Santo Sunday, July 21st, 2012, a date in which every Cubs fan will point to a calendar and say this was the day that a huge wrong was righted.  Well, partially at least.  I’m still of the opinion that the fact that it took Ron Santo to pass away to get into the Hall of Fame is sickening, but that discussion is for another time and place as tomorrow is Ronnie’s day.  This weekend has been a celebration for Cubs fans and the Santo family in Cooperstown as there have been parties and events to honor the newest Hall of Famer.


The Santo kids, though sad that their father was not alive to drink in the moment, concluded that they’d celebrate the induction with the same fervor he would’ve. Santo’s second wife, Vicki, is planning on giving his induction speech.

“It’s a little strange to be here without my father,” said Jeff Santo, 48, the middle child and a filmmaker who created his own documentary about his dad. “He wanted this day. As we walked around the Hall and saw the Cubs fans, we just imagined what it would have been like with my father here. It would have been very special. We’re going to honor him and enjoy our time with the Cubs fans that made trek out.”

It all culminates tomorrow as the name Ron Santo will forever have Hall of Famer preceding it, and that sounds great.  Please be sure to tune in as I’m sure it will be a very emotional and exciting day in Cooperstown, congrats Ronnie!  For all the latest articles and media on Ron Santo’s big day visit’s class of 2012 HOF site.

The ceremony begins at 12:30 PM CST behind the Clark Sports Center, as Reds shortstop Barry Larkin and the late Cubs third baseman Ron Santo take their place in the hallowed Hall. Live coverage of the induction ceremonies on MLB Network and simulcast on begin at 11:30 AM CST.

Please enjoy the announcement of Ron Santo being elected into the Hall of Fame.

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