Jeff Beliveau Called Up?

Late night blogging is not always the best idea, especially when you’re not on a lot of sleep to begin with, but here goes.  The awesome rumor source that is twitter is at it again, per Sosnick Cobbie Sports, Jeff Beliveau has been called up to the Cubs.


The organization, and twitter account are legit.  Per the company’s website

Sosnick Cobbe Sports is dedicated to forwarding the career of every player, while promoting a healthy climate in which each player can grow professionally, educationally, emotionally and financially. And not short-term, but throughout his career…and into retirement.

At Sosnick Cobbe Sports, individual attention is our focus and primary commitment to each one of our athletes. We’re not a player factory–we know our clients and their families. What’s more, we pay close attention to detail, which leaves our clients free to focus on what really matters: playing the game of baseball.

Take this for what’s it worth obviously, I have not heard a confirmation from the team or anyone surrounding the team, and until I do I’m not reporting this as fact, just purely as speculation from twitter.  Stay tuned as Beliveau’s call up would be noteworthy as he is one of the better arms in pitching starved Cubs system.

Thanks for reading,
– George