Cubs Season Tickets Have Been Printed, and They Are…..Awesome.

Cubs Season Ticket Cards

Baseball is an “old school” sport, meaning there is a lot of tradition, and usually teams do a solid job of recognizing that tradition.  Obviously the Cubs are one of them, they play in Wrigley, they play during the day, there is an old school feeling to everything that happens at Wrigley.  Well the Cubs, and the people at Topps have captured that feeling this year with the Cubs season tickets, they are top-notch.  Not only do season tickets get these awesome looking tickets, they get baseball cards from Topps as well (pictured above).  Colin Faulkner tweeted out a picture of one of the cards that will be going out (pictured above), yes please.  Darren Rovell tweeted out some examples of the tickets (pictures below), which was brought to my attention by my buddy Sarah Spain.  Enjoy.

Cubs Season Tickets 1Cubs Season Tickets 2


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