June 26, 2012 – Cubs Lineup vs. Mets; Rizzo!

This is the best lineup I’ve typed out all year, because it has Anthony Rizzo hitting 3rd.  Don’t mistake my giddy little girl excitement for Rizzo as me having through the roof expectations.  I’m excited to see a glimpse of the future, and I hope he does well, if he doesn’t, he will get better.  Speaking of getting better, Randy Wells hasn’t, he’s pitching today.  Here’s the full lineup.

1.  DeJesus – CF
2. Castro – SS
4. Soriano – LF
5. LaHair – RF 
6. Valbuena – 3B
7. Barney – 2B
8. Clevenger – C
9. Wells – P

Thanks for reading, go Cubs!
– George