Cubs Blogs Standing Out

I would like to take this time to congratulate a friend of the blog, Russel.  Russel operates “Wrigley Regular” which is also on the MLBlog Network.  Russel does a great job posting about the Cubs and baseball in general.

Russel recently took a trip to the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati and visited the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame before taking in the Cubs game.  He has a tremendous recap of the place with tons of pictures and video.

Here is Russel’s blog – Wrigley Regular

Here is a direct link to the Reds Hall of Fame post – Reds Hall of Fame Recap

Russel also got some big time press for his post as he was featured on Panel #1 on MLBlogs front page.  In doing so, he also got Born on Third a small shout out as well (Highlighted below).  Great job Russel, keep up the good work.

Please head over to Russel’s blog, it’s definitely worth the trip.

– George