Jorge Soler Signing “Imminent” – Cubs Favorites [UPDATE]

It’s been a long drawn out process but it appears that there is finally a light at the end of the Jorge Soler signing tunnel.  The Cubs are hoping that is a good sign and not another missed opportunity.  News broke over the weekend, specifically yesterday that Soler and his representatives were accepting final bids and that a deal could be signed within the next 24-36 hours per Jon Heyman of  Before that, the New York Post broke a story that Soler would be signed, sealed, and delivered to a team before today, the terms would be for four years and around $20 million up to what Cespedes got ($36 million).  Finally, last night Buster Olney tweeted that a handful of teams were after Soler and that final bids have been submitted, with the Cubs and Yankees at the top, but many teams exec’s feel that the Cubs are the favorites.

So it seems that either today, or at the latest tomorrow we will have some finality to the Soler situation, here’s hoping it’s the Cubs that come out on top, but you always have to be hesitant when the Yankees are involved.  Sure they can offer a lot of money up for Soler,  but so can the Cubs as they have very little money committed to the team after this year.  I will update as soon as I hear something.

[UPDATE] 9:18 AM CST – Your Anon Sports is reporting via Twitter that the Cubs and Yankees are the finalists in the Jorge Soler derby.

[UPDATE 2] 12:28 PM CST – The Dodgers are officially out of the running, and it might have been because of the price going way up.  Soler is the last “bonus baby” before the new CBA kicks in, that means the price might be somewhere near $40 million, but who really knows at this point.

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