Draft Day 3 Recap

Here we go….

Round 16

Round 17 

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Round 18

Round 19

Round 20

Round 21

Round 22

Round 23

Round 24

Round 25

Wiseman made the decision to play baseball at Vanderbilt when he was only 15. Based on where he is drafted, he might not be able to keep that promise. Wiseman has an athletic build and has incredible speed that will profile well in center at the next level. He has power that is created by bat speed, and he gets good loft on the ball. He has some swing-and-miss to his game and has a well-below-average arm, but many think that with some mechanical changes he could fix both of these problems. Wiseman is an excellent student with a great makeup, and if he isn’t picked within the first few rounds, he could end up being a tough sign.

Round 26

Round 27

Round 28

Round 29

Round 30

Round 31

Round 32

Round 33

Round 34

Round 35

Round 36

Round 37

Round 38

Round 39

Round 40


That’s it, it’s all over!

Thanks for following along, I will have a breakdown of the entire draft soon.

– George

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