Pierce Johnson Heading to Boise!

There has been a lot of movement in the Cubs minor league system today, and I’m sure it will stay busy until the end of the year.  The latest news is Pierce Johnson being promoted to Boise!  Solid move here as Johnson, who was drafted in the 2012 draft (supplemental pick) has been solid in Arizona and probably belongs in Boise.  Congrats to Pierce, give him a follow on Twitter!


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Cubs Sign 6th Overall Pick Almora!

Take a breath all of you who were worried about the Cubs not signing first round pick Albert Almora, he has signed per Jim Callis of Baseball America.  The Cubs have given Almora a $3.9MM bonus which is $650,000 over what MLB recommends for that spot in the draft.  Because the Cubs saved some money in their earlier signings they were able to give Almora a little more money to keep him in the organization and out of college.  Congrats to the Cubs as they now have signed picks 1 through 18, only pick #19 Damek Tomscha is unsigned from the top 20, quite the accomplishment.

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Cubs Sign Second Round Pick Duane Underwood

And then there was one.  Per Duane Underwood himself on twitter the Cubs have signed the second round draft pick.  That only leaves the 6th pick overall, Albert Almora unsigned out of the top 20 Cubs draft picks.  Congrats to Duane, he was one of the draft picks that I was really excited about.  This is excellent news for the Cubs organization.


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Cubs Announce 15 Draft Picks Signed

As we mentioned before the Cubs have been working very hard to get a lot of their draft picks signed, and today they announced the product of that hard work.  15 out of 42 picks signed already, the deadline to sign picks is July 13, 2012, expect an Almora signing to be announced sometime around then, I totally expect it to get done as the Cubs have saved quite a bit of money so far.

via Carrie Muskat

Right-handed pitcher Paul Blackburn out of Heritage High School in Brentwood, Calif., who was selected in the supplemental round, 56th overall. In addition, the Cubs signed right-handed pitcher Josh Conway (fourth round) of Coastal Carolina University; infielder Stephen Bruno (seventh round) of the University of Virginia; left-handed pitcher Michael Heesch (eighth round) out of the University of South Carolina Beaufort; and catcher Chadd Krist (ninth round) out of the University of California, Berkeley.

Others to sign include outfielder Rashard Crawford (11th round); right-handed pitcher Corbin Hoffner (14th round); catcher Carlos Escobar (15th round); left-handed pitcher Nathan Dorris (17th round); and right-handed pitcher Stephen Perakslis  (21st round). The list of signees also includes 28th-round pick Lance Rymel; 30th round pick Izaac Garsez; 32nd round selection Timothy Saunders; 35th round pick Ben Carhart; and 40th round pick Jacob Rogers


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Cubs Sign Supplemental Pick Paul Blackburn

The Cubs have not announced anything official yet, but they have signed the second of their two supplemental picks Paul Blackburn.  Blackburn signed for $911,700, which now leaves the Cubs bonus pool under budget by $310,200, which is excellent news.

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Cubs Sign Supplemental Pick Pierce Johnson

Busy, busy day for the Cubs brass today, first the Soler signing and now the announcement (by Johnson himself) of the signing of supplemental pick Pierce Johnson.  This is the highest picks signed by the Cubs and the first of we hope a few announcements to come shortly.  A number of Cubs prospects have been signed already, but the Cubs themselves have not announced anything official, I expect a major announcement letting everyone know all the signings so far, it will be in the double-digits.

Back to Pierce Johnson…  Here’s his tweet tonight.

Awesome stuff, always exciting to hear a kid pumped to play for the organization.  Here are a couple quotes from Johnson via Brett at Bleacher Nation, click for Brett’s full post.

“I wanted to get out and play,” said Johnson, according to KSPR. “There wasn’t much negotiation to be done. We just needed to dot some I’s and cross some t’s.

“Once I get down [to Arizona] they’ll give me a training routine,” said Johnson. “Right now, we’re just both really excited and looking forward to the future.”

Johnson, the 43rd overall pick buy the Chicago Cubs could be headed to Boise to start his professional career, I will keep you posted on all the signings once they are announced by the team, felt it was necessary to get this one out there considering Johnson was one of the higher picks.  Congrats Pierce!

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Full 2012 Cubs Draft Recap

That was a long three days for everyone involved, I will try to break it down to the best of my ability for you.  It’s obvious that the Cubs needed to fill their system with pitching depth and it appears that they did so.

The Cubs had 42 picks in this years draft, 40 round plus two compensation (or sandwhich) picks.  In years past the draft has been 50 rounds, under the new CBA the rounds were reduced to 40.  The breakdown of the 42 picks is as follows, 22 pitchers (18 RHP, 4 LHP), seven infielders, eight outfielders, and five catchers.  Of those players 20 were college players, seven were junior college players, and the Cubs drafted 15 high school players. 

Here’s the full list…


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Draft Day 3 Recap

Here we go….

Round 16

Round 17 

Keep reading for the rest of the draft

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