Cubs Get Hendricks and Villanueva From Rangers; Player Spotlights

All things considered the Cubs got a pretty good deal from the Rangers.  Because of Dempster nixing a deal to the Braves for Randall Delgado the Cubs had to go elsewhere, everyone thought that meant the Dodgers.  The two best things to happen to the Cubs today were the Rangers and the Yankees.  If those teams don’t jump in after Dempster the Cubs would have been forced to take a low, low ball deal from the Dodgers or keep Dempster.  What it came down to is the Rangers needing to answer the acquisition of Zack Greinke by the Angels with a pitcher of their own, Demspter.  Here’s a bit more on the two players the Cubs received from Texas.

Christian Villanueva – 3B;  DOB: 6/19/91 (21 years old)

Love this prospect.  Villanueva was ranked the 100th best prospect in baseball prior to the 2012 season.  Villanueva has a quick, compact swing that has produced some power but his power potential is up in the air right now.  This season Villanueva was playing at A+ level Myrtle Beach in the Rangers organization.  In 100 games this year Villanueva has hit .285 with 10 home runs, and 59 RBI’s, he’s walked 24 times and struck out 83 times in 425 plate appearances.  Villanueva has struggled with the glove at third base, recording 15 errors this season with a .938 fielding %.

Kyle Hendricks – RHP; DOB 12/7/89 (22 years old)

This is your typical mid range young arm that has room to grow and a solid upside.  Hendricks is a strikeout pitcher with absolutely tremendous command.  So far this season Hendricks has made 20 starts for Myrtle Beach, he is 5-8 with a 2.82 ERA and two complete games.  The extended stats are impressive, in 130.2 innings Hendricks has struck out 112 guys and walked 15, that’s a tremendous strike out to walk ratio.  Here is a solid baseball america article on Hendricks, definitely worth the read.

All in all, an adequate return for Dempster, not as good as Randall Delgado but better than what they would have received from the Dodgers.  Let’s all relax for a little bit now, thanks for following our trade deadline coverage!

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Cubs Trade Dempster to the Rangers [UPDATE]

The Rangers who were running third in the race for Dempster just hours ago have landed the right hander multiple sources are confirming.   Buster Olney from ESPN has confirmation. Ken Gurnick has confirmation.  Scott Miller of CBS has confirmation.

No word on who is coming back from the Rangers, stay tuned.

[UPDATE] Rosenthal is reporting two Class A pitchers going to the Cubs.  Other source is reporting a Class A pitcher and a Class A postion player.

[UPDATE 2] Early reports are the Cubs have acquired 3B Christian Villanueva, and RHP Kyle Hendricks.  Separate post coming up breaking down both players.

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Tigers Working on Soriano Deal

Per Brett at Bleacher Nation, the Tigers are working hard to acquire Soriano.  Of course Soriano would still have to say yes to any deal that comes his way.  Tigers also like Campana for bench duty, and to perform in holiday plays with the players kids.

[UPDATE 1] Sounds like the Tigers are backing off of this and Soriano will be staying put but talks will continue into August because of the waiver deadline.

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Looks Like Dempster Close to Being Dealt to Dodgers (UPDATES)

Per Jim Bowden of ESPN the Cubs and Dodgers are just about done negotiation and have agreed on a deal for Dempster.  Per Bowden they are dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, should be announced soon.  WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE!  So please take it for what it’s worth, I will update as news comes in.

[UPDATE 1] Phil Rogers on MLBN says the Cubs are still pushing to get Allen Webster in the deal from the Dodgers, might be including another player.

[UPDATE 2] Kevin Goldstein thinks that if this is a multi-player deal that James Russell would be the other player going to the Dodgers.  Cubs really want Webster.

[UPDATE 3] Multiple reports now that another team has emerged for Dempster and the Cubs are talking to them now.  This would be the Cubs using big time leverage against the Dodgers, something they didn’t have prior to today, who’s going to blink??

[UPDATE 4] Tom Verducci just said on MLBN that the Cubs have broke off talks with the Dodgers and are not talking with the Yankees and a mystery team.  Dodgers are going to have to cough up what the Cubs want or watch Dempster go elsewhere, or that’s what the Cubs want the Dodgers to think at least.

[UPDATE 5] Dempster has told Bruce Levine that he will accept a deal to the Yankees, Dodgers, or Rangers.  Thanks Ryan as we sit here an hour and 15 minutes from the deadline.

[UPDATE 6] Per Tim Brown of Yahoo sports the Dodgers have pulled out of talks with the Cubs over Dempster.  A very real chance that Dempster pitches for the Cubs tonight, ick.

[UPDATE 7] With just minutes to go, the Rangers are sneaking in ahead of the Yankees, nothing confirmed yet.  CBS is reporting Rangers.

[UPDATE 8] Multiple sources reporting Dempster has been traded to the RANGERS, craziness.  Updates coming.

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Phillies Making Noise: First Victorino, Now Pence

As reported earlier the Phillies already traded Shane Victorino to the Dodgers and now have reportedly traded Hunter Pence to the Giants.  Wow, they moved two of their OF, assuming Domonic Brown is on his way up as he was scratched from his AAA lineup.

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Castillo and Coleman Headed to Chicago… and now Cardenas

Welington Castillo and Casey Coleman will be on their way to Chicago to replace Geovany Soto and Paul Maholm on the roster.  The interesting part is we don’t know who is going to take the spot of Reed Johnson.  According to many sources it is not Brett Jackson and per Dave Sappelt’s twitter it won’t be him.  So who will it be?  More to come I’m sure.

UPDATE:  Adrian Cardenas will be the third player coming up for the Cubs.  Hope he gets some more AB’s wherever that may be.

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