June 18 – 20; @ White Sox – Series Preview

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It’s still odd to me that the Cubs and White Sox face off on a Monday, usually it’s a series reserved for a weekend in June, but not this year.  The Cubs are looking avenge a sweep by the White Sox earlier this year at Wrigley which marked the beginning of the end of the 2012 season for the Cubs.  The Cubs have been playing decent baseball of that but it’s not resulting in wins, and ultimately that’s what matters the most.  Just ask the White Sox, who are getting their fair share of wins lately as they sit atop the AL Central.  No one expected the White Sox to be where they are right now, but thanks to the Tigers struggling out of the gate that’s where they sit.  The Sox sit near the middle of the pack in runs scored and ERA in the American League, they are 6th in runs scored, and 8th in ERA.  The Cubs have not had any success at US Cellular Field, losing nine of their last twelve games there.  Full preview and breakdown after the jump.

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May 18 – 20; vs. White Sox – Series Preview

 Chicago White Sox Logo - Blue baseball player icon above Sox in blue and script in red

Aside from playoff baseball this is the most intense series of the year at Wrigley, I’m not saying that Wrigley will see playoff baseball this year, but you know what I mean.  That’s right, here come the hated Chicago White Sox.  Heading into this series I would think that both the Sox and Cubs are playing better baseball up to this point of the season than many thought they would at the beginning of the year.  Now, that does not mean that either team is good, it just means that this should be a highly competitive series, and it usually is every year.  For the Cubs to be successful they are going to have to contain Adam Dunn.  Okay, when you stop laughing, continue reading.  Dunn has had a resurgent season to say the least, and is now a big weapon in the middle of the Sox lineup.  Konerko is always there, but if you can get around Dunn then you can manage the game so Konerko doesn’t beat you.  If the Cubs can work through that part of the order, and THROW STRIKES out of the pen they should be in good shape, but that’s a big if given the bullpen’s recent “success” go Cubs!  Behave yourself this weekend Cubs fans….  Full preview/breakdown after the jump.

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